Operation: Firestorm Event Series (2006 to Present)

Sniper on the North Ridge facing West.

Operation: Firestorm

Since 2006, Operation: Firestorm and it’s forerunners have become Michigan’s longest running event series and an annual tradition for many in the region. Hole in the Wall Paintball is proud to bring this annual event to the Midwest airsoft communities every year. 

Green team players discussing movements in the valley.

Operation: Firestorm X (October 17th, 2020)

Ages: 14 and up.
Camping: 18 and Up (16+ with parent or guardian).

* Non participating guests are welcome to attend.

* We ask that all players (walk-on or prepay) RSVP for this event, it allows us to create a more balanced event and encourages other players to attend if they see others posting. 

Advanced Admission: $30.00 Per Person (PayPal Prepay).  

- Due By: Registrations Will Not Be Accepted Until Summer 2020.

- Please print and bring your payment conformation.

* Please RSPV and include your: Full name, desired faction, number of players attending, and whether or not you plan of eating lunch or pre/post event camping. 

Walk-On Admission: $40.00 Per Person (Cash Only At Door).
* Please RSPV and include your: Full name, desired faction, number of players attending, and whether or not you plan of eating lunch or pre/post event camping.

- E-Mail RSVP: holeinthewallpaintballmi@gmail.com
- Facebook RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/holeinthewallpaintball 

Address: 24262 66th Street Bangor, Michigan 49013
Phone: (269-352-2978)
* Event registrations will not be accepted via phone.

Event Registrations Will Not Be Accepted Until Summer 2020

Uniform Regulations:

Green Team (North Korea, China, and Vietnam)

M81 Woodland, MARPAT, Woodland DPM, Tiger Stripe, OD Green, Alpenflage, and Street Clothing. 

Tan Team (South Korea, United States, and Australia)

Multicam, Three Color Desert, Six Color Desert, Arid MARPAT, ACU, ABU, Black, Urban, and Contractor. 

Misc. Information

 - Uniforms that follow either a green based pattern or a tan based pattern, but are not listed will be automatically be placed with a faction of similar color. Message for details or information.
- 'Contractor' (Private Military Contractor) is defined as khaki colored pants and a black top. No exceptions.
- Ghillie Suits are allowed on either faction.
- Mismatched uniforms are not allowed under any circumstances. (IE: Woodland Pants and a Six-Color Desert Jacket).
- Gear color is irrelevant to uniform/faction requirements for all players 

Ammunition Regulations:

Participant kneeling for cover and facing West (South Ridge).

Ammunition/Replica Regulations:

Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-machine Guns, and Assault Rifles: 1,500 Rounds.
- All magazine (Low, Mid, or High Capacity) types allowed.

Support Weapons: 1,500 Rounds.
- All magazine (Low, Mid, High Capacity, Box, or Drum) types allowed.

Sniper Rifle and Designated Marksman: 200 Rounds.
- Low or Mid Capacity Magazines Only.

Rocket Launchers, Landmines, IED's, Etc: Undetermined (Normally Allowed).
- Prior field approval only.

Sound Grenades: Allowed.
- Kill Radius: 15 feet.

Smoke Grenades (Hot and Cold Burn): Allowed.
- Allowed with common sense use (if it's starting a fire, put it out).
- Don't ruin it for everyone else (lifetime bans will be issued for reckless use).

- Additional amounts of ammunition or personal items may be left at prospective team re-spawn location (at your own risk).
- Participants may leave the event at any point to retrieve additional quantities of ammunition, etc stored in other locations (staging area, vehicles, campsites, etc) and may resume game-play immediately by walking to the prospective teams re-spawn location.


Bang Kills:

- Bang kills will not be allowed for this event. Players will replicas firing over established velocity limits must use a sidearm to engage closer targets or in small environments.

Knife/Bayonet Kills:

- Participants may opt to use a simple 'Touch Kill' to quietly disable an opponent. Players must say "Knife Kill" to the opposing party and physically touch the other.

- Participants may use a replica knife/bayonet to also conduct a kill using a physical touch.

- Do not jab, physically assault, or use undue amounts of force.

- Real-Steel knives and bayonets are prohibited under all circumstances.

Surrender Rules:

- Players may opt to surrender if they so choose.

Player in a Ghillie Suit facing the North side of the course.

General Event Information:

Pre and Post Event Camping:

- Free on-site camping is open to all participants attending the event.
- Pre-event camping will open at 3:00 PM the evening before the event.
- Ages: 16+. No exceptions!
- All minors must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions!
- Participants must bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and camping equipment.
- Participants may only camp in specific areas of the field grounds.
- Staging area campsites are reserved for field staff and/or moderator use only. No exceptions.
- Small fires are permitted in specific areas only.
- We will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
- Violation of any field regulations may result in immediate and permanent removal from field grounds without refund.

Lost, Found, and Stolen Property Policy:

- Hole in the Wall Paintball LLC and/or affiliates will not be held responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property of any kind on field grounds.
- Participants are strongly advised to not take unnecessary items onto field grounds or playing areas.
- Personal effects should be kept in a secure location unknown to the public.

Green team players moving up the Peninsula on the South Ridge.

Join us this October for one of Michigan's classic airsoft events and experience intense fire fights and a unique 3D style course. Be a part of a Midwest airsoft tradition and have memories that will last a lifetime!

Eye Protection and Velocity Regulations


Eye Protection

- ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection only, no exceptions.

- 'Full Seal' is defined as a foam band separating the lens of the goggle from the frame portion and the face of the user.

- Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, etc will not be permitted under any circumstances.

- Lower face protection (Mesh Lowers, Mouth Guards, Etc) not not apply to this.

Velocity Regulations

- 1 - 350.0 FPS (0.01j - 1.07j) - Arms Length Engagement.

- 350.1  - 410.0 FPS (1.08j - 1.49j) - 20 Foot Engagement.

- 410.1 - 500.0 FPS (1.50j - 2.32j) - 50 Foot Engagement (Permanent Semi-Auto or Bolt Action Only).

- 500.1 - 549.9 FPS (2.33j - 2.69j) - Bolt Action Replicas Only.

- 550 FPS+ (2.7j) - Prohibited Under All Circumstances.

- Velocities will be measured using the weight of BB being used.

- FPS and Joules will be used for this event.

- All replicas will be issued 'chronograph' tags after being registered and measured. These must remain on the replica for the entire event.

Last Updated: 00/00/0000

2019 Storyline

Firestorm IX Storyline

 “South Korea is a whorehouse, where the imperialism of the United States and its allies procreate in the loins of outsourced industry and globalization. Our mores and venerated traditions are corrupted and sold in the back alleys of Seoul by vendors of capitalism. The glorious legacy of Korea, built on the backs of freedom fighters is burdened by the scourge of American colonialism upon our world.”

- KCBS Voice of Korea, Pyongyang

North Korea and China Sign East Compact Alliance

After a successful meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping in Phnom Penh, the two leaders have agreed to form the East Compact Alliance, further solidifying the political and military relations between the two nations. The multinational meeting included representatives from Laos, Russia, Iran, and Kazakhstan, all weighing in on the continuing conflict on the Pacific coast of Asia. The battle for control of the Korean Peninsula and neighboring regions of China has been ongoing since 2006, with North Korea initially firing artillery and short range missiles at the South Korean capital of Seoul. The People’s Republic of China entered the conflict in 2011 with the build-up and further deployment of combat troops supporting North Korea. The agreement which outlines the military strategy between the two counties along with the cohesion of their prospective forces.

The resulting conflict has left large parts of the region decimated and nearly uninhabitable. Most major utilities not limited to electric, water, and sanitation systems have also been badly crippled. An estimated more than 500,000 residents have been displaced and have been shuttled to various refugee camps around South Jeolla Province and two on the eastern coast of Australia. A mounting amount of human rights abuses have been reported by troops on both sides of the strife. With allegations ranging from mass executions and abductions, to looting and murder being reported by Human Rights Watch and the UN’s World Food Programme. The World Health Organization has warned of a dire humanitarian crisis caused by a lack of proper sanitation and access to clean water.

Vietnamese Navy Torpedoes Two Austrialian-American Ships

In a move reminiscent of the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, a Vietnamese submarine has targeted an Australian-American destroyer and transport ship, sinking one and badly damaging another. The transport was almost sunk because of two direct hits from Vietnamese torpedoes. The destroyer was badly damaged by the initial attack, but the hits hit ammunition caches in the vessel, causing massive secondary explosions and the resulting sinking of the ship. The destroyer began to sink and list to one side quickly, allowing only about 50 to escape the vessel on lifeboats. The survivors were quickly rescued by an American destroyer and evacuated back to the mainland. By international standards, a sudden and surprise attack by one foreign power to another is considered an act of war and by some to be a war crime.

The bold move by the Vietnamese Navy illustrates the growing military importance of the Navies between the conflicting countries. The nearby Spratly Islands in the South China Sea has been seen as a vital area within the conflict. The Islands which are claimed by several sovereign nations including China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines have been a source of animosity between the various countries. Since 2013, the Chinese government has been engaging in large scale land reclamation by dumping sand and cement on the coral reefs and building structures and bases on the newly formed islands. The islands consist of various military structures, runways, seaports, and anti-aircraft systems.

United States Outrage Over China-Iran Arms Deal

In a White House statement Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced an arrangement for Iran to purchase weapons from the People’s Republic of China. The agreement between Tehran and Beijing will allow more than $200,000,000 worth of arms and munitions to be delivered to Iranian territory. The specific details of the agreement remain unknown and are considered state secrets. Analysis agree that more than likely the Iranians have purchased mobile land-based missile and anti-aircraft systems along with mobile intermediate ballistic missile launchers. The agreement comes at a time when tensions between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran are at an all time high. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is already engaged in a proxy war with Iran has expressed concern over suspected Iranian attacks on ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz. Support from the United States to Saudi Arabia in the on-going civil war in Yemen has only inflamed tensions further.

Other major world powers including most members of NATO and several European and Central American countries have condemned the arrangement calling it a “dangerous and irresponsible” move by the Chinese government. The People’s Republic of China that has been embroiled in an ever growing conflict on the Pacific coast of Asia for several years now. It’s suspected that Beijing is offering arms to strategic partners around the globe in order to subvert and minimize American influence in the region. One of the few dissenting opinions came from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who lauded the arrangement between Beijing and Tehran calling it “a responsible way to enforce peace within the region.”

Event Timeline

Player using the creek and cover and moving West on the course.

Event Timeline (2006 to Present):

Main Event Series:

~ Operation: Flash Fire
(10/15/2006): Coalition Victory.
~ Operation: Flash Fire II (10/13/2007): Coalition Victory.
~ Operation: Flash Fire III (10/13/2008): Battlefield Stalemate.
~ Operation: Flash Fire IV (10/13/2009): Battlefield Stalemate.
~ Operation: Flash Fire V (10/16/2010): Communist Forces Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm (10/15/2011): Communist Forces Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm II (10/13/2012): Battlefield Stalemate (Weather).
~ Operation: Firestorm III (10/12/2013): Communist Forces Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm IV (10/18/2014): Battlefield Stalemate (Weather).
~ Operation: Firestorm V (10/17/2015): Allied Coalition Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm VI (11/12/2016): Communist Forces Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm VII (10/21/2017): Allied Coalition Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm VIII (10/13/2018): Communist Forces Victory.
~ Operation: Firestorm IX (10/12/2019): Allied Coalition Victory.

~ Operation: Firestorm X (10/17/2020): Undecided.

Side-Story Events:

~ Operation: Flash Fire; Codename: Deep Snow (12/06/2008): Coalition Victory.
~ Operation: Backdraft (05/09/2009): Coalition Victory.

Standardized (Unaltered) Uniform Regulations:

Green Team (North Korea, China, and Vietnam):  M81 Woodland, MARPAT, Woodland DPM, Tiger Stripe, OD Green, Alpenflage, and Street Clothing.   

Tan Team (South Korea, United States, and Australia): Multicam, Three Color Desert, Six Color Desert, Arid MARPAT, ACU, ABU, Black, Urban, and Contractor.  

Event Roster - 00 (Roster Not Compiled)

A sniper looking down off a ridge.

Green Team (North Korea, China, and Vietnam) - 00

Commanding Officer: Position Open
Executive Officer: Position Open
Medic 1: Position Open
Medic 2: Position Open
Medic 3: Position Open
Medic 4: Position Open
Medic 5: Position Open

Tan Team (South Korea, United States, and Australia) - 00

Commanding Officer:  Position Open 

Executive Officer:  Position Open
Medic 1:  Position Open
Medic 2:  Position Open
Medic 3:  Position Open
Medic 4:  Position Open 

Medic 5:  Position Open 

Moderators/Refs/Staff (In-Game and Non-Playing)